i'm a bagel on a plate full of onion rolls

19 August
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i'm into barbra streisand. in a big way. some say it's pathetic. some say it's cool. others don't give two shits. but there we go.

i also worship meryl streep.

i have had 2 major events in my life that i can honestly describe as being the best moments of my life:
moment 1: when i saw barbra in concert [25/07/07 - tattooed on my wrist] and barbra said hi to meryl, who was sitting in the audience. i can't describe it - my two idols in the same room as me, blowing kisses at each other. fucking out of this world.
moment 2: when i met meryl fucking streep [30/06/08 - not tattooed on my wrist...yet] and she drew a penis on my dvd cover. [she'll tell you it's her signature, but i know the truth!] i couldn't speak to her. literally could not utter a fucking word. next time i'll tell her i want my pen back...

my iPod track list is like nothing you've seen before. some say "crap". i say "CHOOOOOOOOOON".

musicals are my life. if you don't like the sound of music or mamma mia! the movie then you can fuck right off.

don't diss barbra or meryl in front of me. the outcome will never be good for you.

i'm doing a degree in film production. but really i want to be an actress.

i'm selfish.
i'm a bitch.
my mother calls my body healthy, i call it fat with a capital fat.
i'm moody.
i'm skint.
i'm insecure.
i'm a mess.
i'm not really with it.
i'm not original.
i'm honest.
i'm good to laugh at.
i'm a loyal friend.
i never get it quite right.
i'm a whirling mass of contradictions.
i swear far too much.

that's all.